Welcome to the website for the 1st Personalization of Generative AI (PERSONALIZE) workshop, to be held at EACL 2024 in Malta.

Workshop Topic and Content

Personalization of generative AI is a key step to make generic systems tangibly useful to a diverse demographic user group. Our workshop studies personalization from technical, legal, and philosophical angles.

The exponential growth of generative AI and foundation models has spurred significant development, adoption, and capital investment across various industries. However, an important challenge lies in the generic nature of these systems, lacking personalization, which hinders their effectiveness for diverse user demographics.

Addressing this issue has become a major focus for both model developers and firms, with billions of dollars and extensive research efforts dedicated to personalization initiatives, exemplified by projects like Snap’s MyAI and Meta’s Abraham Lincoln bot plans.

Despite this progress, there are three key challenges being overlooked: technical, legal, and philosophical. Technical challenges encompass issues with existing personalization methods, such as computational efficiency, quality, and safety concerns. Meanwhile, legal and philosophical considerations are vital due to the potential for misuse, harmful consequences, biased behavior, and privacy violations associated with personalized AI systems.

The PERSONALIZE workshop aims to serve as a platform for diverse stakeholders to explore these multifaceted challenges and engage in discussions and guide the future of personalized generative AI.

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